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Decarbonise Rice Farming, Transparently

We harness satellites and AI to monitor and certify
decarbonisation projects at scale.

Clients & Partners

Mars Food
Cornell University
Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
European Space Agency (ESA)
Livelihoods Funds

Why decarbonise rice?

Industrial chimneys emitting visible pollution

50% Emission reduction

Rice emits 12% of global manmade methane emissions. Sustainable practices can reduce these emissions by half.

A flooded rice field

38% Water conserved

Rice is responsible for ~30% of the world's freshwater withdrawals. Sustainable practices reduce water use by 38%.

Two rice farmers in a field in front of trees

140M Rice farmers

Sustainable practices can enhance the livelihoods of 140 million smallholder rice farmers worldwide.

CarbonFarm helps you take action

Two rice farmers, one holding a plant

Decarbonise your rice value chain

Initiate, monitor and verify your carbon reduction projects to reach your sustainability objectives.

A rice farmer leaning on a tool in a fields

Invest in rice carbon projects

Discover the world's finest rice methane reduction projects and monitor their impact in full transparency.

An animation of paddy-level analysesA photo of a satellite up-closeSatellite imagery of rice paddies

Our technology works at scale in a smallholder context

Ready to accelerate
sustainable rice farming?

Whether you're involved in cultivation, trade, project development, or part of an international organisation, join forces with us for a more sustainable rice future.